in pieces


-Born 1993 in Bremen

-2012 Start of Fine Arts education at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague

-17  May 2014 Video performance projection on the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague (with Hester Scheurwater)

-6 June to 31 June 2014 Video performance at MORPHOS Sustainable Empires: International festival at Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice

-31 January 2015 Performance at the P.A.E. (Performance Art Event) at the Wolphaert Spaces in Rotterdam

-17 February 2015 Video performance projection on the Eye Museum in Amsterdam with Hester Scheurwater

-15 January 2016 Multichannel performance at “As close to black as blue can be” exhibition The Hague

-1 July until 7 July 2016 Text, installation and performance at the KABK Graduation Show in The Hague

-25 July until 21 August Antropical- residency (&performance) followed by a two week exhibition and a festival in Steinfort, Luxembourg

-2016 Start MA program at the Institut Kunst (HGK) Basel

-30 November until 1 December 2016 BONE Performance Festival Stadtgalerie, Bern- performance for the program “second skin”

-12 June until 18 June 2017 photographic series exhibited solo at Photo Basel 2017 during Art Basel week 2017

-10 June until 17 September 2017 working as an art mediator creating and conducting walks/tours at documenta14 in Kassel