Anastasia Chaguidouline is a writer and artist based in 
Basel (CH). She was born in Bremen (DE) in 1993 and 
graduated the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL) in 
2016 and obtained her MA at the Institut Kunst in Basel 
in 2018. Her work is auto fictive, merging 
autobiography and fiction, the self and the other.
She is a storyteller.


"In Anastasia not only resides a rebel but also a certain noble 
and mysterious melancholy which I can only draw back to her 
Russian roots or rather to the childhood that she spent 
backstage at the biggest opera houses in Europe. 
Born in the German city of Bremen into a 
Russian family with Polish, Ukrainian 
and Tatar roots, Anastasia’s artistic soul gradually 
started to shape while she was on the road with her father, 
a professional opera singer.

From dance and performance art to photography and painting, 
Anastasia has explored many different art forms while 
continuously linking them to her writing." 

credits : Kate Ivanova Shylo